Sacrament of MarriageDear Bride and Groom to be,

We pray that your marriage will be happy and holy. St. Joseph’s wants everything to go smoothly and easily for you.

Preparation for marriage involves several aspects explained below.  The most important of these is prayer as a couple and discernment of God’s will for your marriage.

We invite you to contact the parish office to being the process of preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage.  You will also find some helpful information below about requirements, preparation courses and wedding times.

May God bless you during this special time.

Getting Married… What to do?

marriage2The rules that follow have evolved through long experience with weddings in our church. Also, keep in mind that a Catholic Church is a sacred place which bears the real presence of God. A reverent and prayerful disposition must be adhered to at all times. Please advise your guests of this.

Marriage Preparation Process

marriage3All couples must have completed our marriage preparation procedures prior to their wedding:

  1. Couple meets with the priest to become acquainted and start paperwork.
  2. Couple meets with Linda Reed for an interview and orientation.
  3. Couple attends a Natural Family Planning course.
  4. Once the couple has made an appointment for the interview and signed up for a Natural Family Planning course (steps 2 and 3 above) they may contact the priest or deacon who is marrying them to reserve the church date for their wedding.
  5. Couple attends our in-house marriage preparation course (six consecutive weeks with trained prep couples) or an Engaged Encounter weekend.
  6. Couple contacts wedding coordinator and meets with her for rehearsal.
  7. Couple contacts music director to arrange music for wedding.
  8. Couple meets again with priest to go over ceremony.
  9. Wedding!