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Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

July 20, 2014

Those who are just must be kind. — Wisdom 12:19



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DO NOT FORGET! DONATE ONLINE! This facilitates the fulfillment of the obligations of responsibility, even if you can not attend Mass. Never have to carry cash or checks to church. Giving electronically also saves money to the church and help in creating a more accurate quote. Visit our website and click on OnlineGiving!


Online Giving Announcement: Recently we have updated our Online Giving link from our website, to a new address.   If you are an Online Giving participant, this will not affect any donations you have scheduled, your account information or anything else in your account.  It will, however, affect any bookmarks or favorites you may have created on your computer.  We do ask that that next time you access your Online Giving account that you go to the church website and click on the new Online Giving logo and bookmark this new address. Online Giving is a safe and convenient way to donate to the church. To sign-up, go to  and click on the Online Giving logo and create an account. If you have questions, call the church office at 209-892-9321.


This Week’s Highlights



7/13/14 colL: $7,124        

 BMA: $1,013


Tuesday, July 8 Social Tuesday Breakfast after the 8 a.m. Mass at Father Connors Hall.

Sunday, July 13 2nd Collection: BMA.

Monday, July 14 All-day adoration of the Blessed Sacrament beginning with 8 a.m. Mass with benediction at 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 20 Third Sunday Take-Out Dinners: chicken, beans, rice, salsa and tortillas, $10 per plate at Fr. Connors Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Sunday, July 20 Third Sunday Take-Out Dinners: chicken, chili beans, macaroni salad, salsa and roll, $10 per plate at Fr. Connors Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.; 2nd Collection: Propagation of the Faith/World Mission. Sunday, August 3 Friends of the Church Breakfast 8-11 a.m.


2015 MASS BOOK will be open and available for Mass intentions on Friday, August 1. You may reserve your intentions by either visiting or calling the parish office at 209-892-9321 or you can also mail or e-mail to The donation is $10 per intention (make checks payable to "Congregation of the Mission"). 


Online Giving is getting an update! On Wednesday morning, July 23, 2014, our Online Giving account will receive an update with improvements for our donors including an easier-to-use interface, reminders about expired credit cards, and a quicker way to donate to specific funds. Online Giving is a great way to help your administrative staff while supporting our church. Signing up is easy-- you can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Just go to our website and click the Online Giving logo to get started.


Little rock scripture study– 8 week scripture study-Sept. 23-Nov. 11– 9:30 a.m.—Tuesdays—We will be reading and discussing the Gospel of Matthew. Newcomers welcome to the group. Call Betty Day at 892-8001 or Norma Muñoz at 892-3584 for sign-up information. For information regarding evening sessions, call Norma Muñoz or Deena Souza at 892-2475 or 581-5083.  Deadline to sign up is Friday, August 1.


Cross catholic outreach Fr. Peter V. Zafe, S.T.D. of Cross Catholic Outreach will be visiting our parish next weekend to speak at all Masses on behalf of the poor in developing countries. Cross Catholic Outreach was founded to create a meaningful link between parishes in America and the priests and nuns working in the Church overseas in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Central and South America.


WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER The next weekend date is Oct. 24-26 in Modesto. For more information visit their website at or contact John & Angelica Angarita at or (866) 825-2046.


English cursillo retreat weekends Do you feel GOD is calling you to a deeper relationship with Him? If so, the English Cursillo Movement will be hosting Retreats on the following dates: Men’s Cursillo Retreat Weekend, July 24-27th; Women’s Cursillo Retreat Weekend, September 25-28th. Both Retreats will be held at the Madonna of Peace Renewal Center in Copperopolis. For additional information, please contact Gilbert Somera (209) 401-7143 or Irene Quismondo (2019)474-7099.


Nurturing parenting program A workshop will be presented by Catholic Charities that we hope will help you and your family to know and understand the philosphy and practices of Nurturing Parenting. The workshop is free for adults 18+ with or without children (0-17 years of age). It will be in English, and space is limited. The classes are on Wednesdays from, 6:30-8:30 p.m., in Sister David Hall, 503 M Street. You must register and attend by July 23 to be in the program. Please contact Angie with Catholic Charities to register (209) 529-3784 ext. 7084.








We have recieved a total of $2,064,801 in grants, pledges, fundraising and donation. THANK YOU! $435,199 to go!!


Hemos recibido un total de $2,064,801 en concesiones, promesas, recaudo de fondos y donaciones.  ¡GRACIAS! ¡Nos faltan $435,199!!


Mass Intentions/Intenciones de Misa









Sat/sab 19 5:30pm Salvadro Diaz Sr.

Sun/dom 20 8:00am Jose & Emilia Vitorino †

CL 9:30am Pete Dompe †

Sp 9:30am Luis Ochoa †

11:00am Erma & Eli Mendonca †

Sp 12:30pm All Parishoners/Todos los Feligreses

Sp 6:00pm Margarita Cosio †

Mon/lun 21 8:00am Vocations for C.M., D.H.S. & D.C.

Tues/mar 22 8:00am All Lost and Forgotten Souls

Wed/mier 23 8:00am Sil Carrillo (L)

Thur/jue 24 8:00am Sil Carrillo (L)

Fri/vier 25 8:00am Rita Sun †

Sat/sab 26 5:30pm Rita Sun †

Sun/dom 27 8:00am All Parishoners/Todos los Feligreses

CL 9:30am Ed Tyler †

Sp 9:30am Refael Rangel Sr. †

11:00am Gilbert & Ruth Barley †

Sp 12:30pm Cesar Ramirez Sr. † & Cesar Ramirez Jr. (L)

Sp 6:00pm Rafaela Flores & Cresencio Castillo †


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