Altar SocietyParishioners who have a calling to serve the Lord by helping to keep the church clean. If you are available for a few hours Mondays or Fridays and are interested in keeping the Lor d’s house beautiful, please contact the church office at (209) 892-9321.

Baptismal Team: Active Parishioners committed to preparing parents and godparents/sponsors for the Sacrament of Baptism for their children by informing them about the meaning, importance and responsibilities of baptism. Contact Norma Plaugher to set up an appointment at (209) 892-9321 extension 1003.

Caring Hearts: Please contact Norma Plaugher (209) 892-9321.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW): CLOW is a program for children ages 5-12 who attend 11 a.m. Sunday mass with their parents. During the Gospel reading, children are invited to participate in the Liturgy of the Word with readings and activities geared toward the younger age group, but still focused on the same liturgy that is celebrated in the church. Children return to mass before the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Please contact Sharon Raimondo (209) 892-1186.

Daughters of the Holy Spirit: Please contact Sister Lucille Carreau (209) 892-3410.

Extraordinary Minister of Communion: In this ministry, you serve the People of God either by participating with the faithful at Mass in our prayers and the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ or by personally connecting those who are unable to be physically present to our Sunday Worship. This ministry ensures that the Body and Blood of Christ are available to all who wish to receive them with reverence. If this is a ministry you feel called to, please contact Fr. Prosper Molengi, C. M., at the parish office (209) 892-9321.

Filipino Choir: Please contact Connie Wolff (209) 892-6381.

Friends of the Church: Please contact Bill or Manuela Danforth (209) 892-3431.

Grieving Group: Please contact Leticia Duran (209) 892-3789.

Hospitality Ministry: We welcome all who enter our Parish with sincere love nd the unity of our faith. We are parishioners committed to the establishment of a welcoming environment in our house of worship. Please contact Norma Plaugher in the parish office (209) 892-9321.

Knights of Columbus: Please contact

Lector: The Lector is called to be a person of prayer who does not fear reading the Sacred Scriptures in front of the assembly during mass. The Lector is a member of the parish who is a spiritual person who then proclaims the Word of God during the Mass in such a way that all the faithful may better understand the readings and perceive by the light of faith the central point of the revealed message. Are you interested in actively proclaiming the Word of God during mass? If so, please contact Fr. Prosper Molengi, C.M., at the parish office (209) 892-9321.


Sacred Heart Choir

Choir/Music Ministry: The music minister plays an essential role in the work of God that is the liturgy by leading the faithful in sung prayer. In serving this faith community as a music minister you will contribute to the spirit of powerful prayer each week. All are welcome to share their talents. Please contact Luz Martinez (209) 892-2962.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA): RCIA is the way that the Catholic Church helps people prepare for adult Catholic life. RCIA is the process that prepares and initiates people into the Catholic Church through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion. Please contact Dave Roberts (209) 892-3515.

Religious Education: Please contact Angelina Navarro (209) 892-6381.

Sacred Heart Catholic School: Please contact the school office at (209) 892-3544.

Social Tuesday: Please contact Norma Plaugher in the church office (209) 892-9321.

Social Ministry: The mission of Social Ministry is to encourage the community to follow the example of Christ in welcoming the stranger as a brother and sister and to continue to build the Kingdom of God by Following the social teachings of the Catholic Church in changing inhumane or unjust conditions in our city, country and world. Please contact Esmeralda Macias at (209) 345-0825.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul: The primary role of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is to bring the love and peace of Christ to those who are suffering. If that calls for food, clothing or other assistance we will provide it with the love of Christ. This unity with Christ is what separates the society of St. Vincent de Paul from any other social service agency. Please contact Norma or Ernie Munoz at (209) 892-3584.

Stephen Ministry: Please contact Graciela Molina at (209) 892-5686.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store: Please contact Monica Martin at (209) 892-7201.

Young Ladies Institute (YLI): Please contact Sandra Gustafson at (209) 402-3571.

Youth Group (Life Teen): Please contact Marilee Cruz at (209) 892-5614.

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Hospital Ministry


Lector Ministry


Music Ministry


Rite of Christian

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Youth Ministry